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Exploring Bali

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So Last couple of day’s I am in Sanur this is the tourist side of Bali.  Also because of the position there no surf breaks. But it’s ideal for wakeboarding, scuba diving & Parasailing lots of big Hotels because of the nice sandy beaches for sun beaters. But this not the reason why I am staying there the wind on Bali pick up like 3a 4 bft and its messing up my Waves at Echo beach. It still nice to surf but not nice line.  So I found out that they rent WINDSURF Gear !!! Surfing al the day now and showing how you windsurf. Also  took some lessons how to Kite board there Are 3 levels  by the IKO standard and I have one lesson left (turning tow side and jumping)  But it’s like windsurfing and snow/waveboarding techniques so I learn it very easy.

So fingers crossed and hope for some wind

gearing Up

Riding and cruising the Ocean

After I have Level 3 I can go kite surfing on my own and rent my equipment al around the world

This tick I named “the Dutch water Bom”  😉

Also tanks to Kathrin for taking the Pictures………..

Because of the wind there is also lots of rain in the night so the hole streets between Kuta and Sanur were flooded. Also a balineesche had to take his surfboard and peddle out his home to go to work….

Latter same car was stack in the water…..

So my plan is after having the IKO certificate to go kite surfing I will go back to Canggu near Echo beach to surf last days  and enjoy  food and people maybe go to the big volcano but I don’t know.  Than I am of to Singapore for a Day and then Back to Amsterdam at  6 -8-2010 between 7 a 8 am hours I will Land  !!! recover for tow week in HQ than to LOWLANDS !!!(*Biggest festival in the Netherlands)  than Surf trip to France and Spain in the planning Stocked !!!

So this is my third time that I visited Bali (*My passport is getting full of the mega big visa stickers for Indo ) But any way still it’s a b*tch to get to customs new record 2 Hours because it was the high session. So my  TRAVELERS TIP FOR Bali is buy your Visa  before you go to Bali. Then you don’t have to wait…..

Also The week I went to Kuta there was the Ombak Film festival that was very nice watching surf movies on the beach and enjoying the moment.

Also I helped with turtle conservation program this program helps the sea turtles by protecting their eggs till there hasted and then we release the new born sea turtles in to the ocean.

My Sea turtle I named “Squirt” like in Finding Nemo

Squirt giving me high 5 😛

Next after Surfset

0wned by Uluwatu

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So I had still two days left on Bali and I wanted to see the peninsula So I went to Temple whit monkeys and to the world notorious Surf spot Uluwatu.

Todo list:

  • Surf Uluwatu                                           [Check]
  • See the Temple                                      [Check]
  • Ride Tube                                                [Check]
  • Never surf on Uluwatu again          [Check]

So the Monkeys ware lot of fun only they will take your stuff if I not carful like I had a camera bag and the pull on it…… so I had a pulling contest between me and a monkey …. results 0-1 for big gorilla.

So the surf spot uluwatu  is a clif ware you exit the water by going down in to a cave and than peddle out to sea en the waves…….

So I put on my water camera on my nose of my board and was like stocked to go……..

but getting to the waves was very hard work so after 3hours I was at the “line-up” and went for it !!!  So surfing now big wave and going like speed of sound I waited to long to get off and I was in the Tube of the wave posing  to the camera on my board. Than realising that I surfed to far to go back to the cave. And the wave closed out on me and broke my board + camera also I was dangers close to the cliffs and I had to peddle and duck dive for my live.  Luckily I was in a current that was going to a beach nearby ware I first saw a sea turtle swimming under my board and later one that was sunning on the beach…….. So I was saved but I had to walk back to the cliffs and to my scooter……..

Later that evening  I went to friends house for a jam and we went out to Sky garden were we ware VIP 😛 so lots of free drinks…..!!!

The day before my flight to Australia

I went to a Sport bar to see Nederland – Japan  in the Sports bar I meet old surf buddy’s form a surf-camp in Frans 2003  (*were Obed had the nickname ODEL 😉 )And we WON from JAPAN !!! 1-0


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So getting to know Bali little more but I’m still get lost when driving on the scooter to Ubud ore at night……  And the traffic between 3 and 5 is killing around Kuta and the drive style here is like a river “go whit the flow”.

Nice pleases to go are:

Seminyak to go salsa dancing ore “Blackdog” nightclub also the Japanese restaurant is very good And I know because I was  eating it in japan also…………….

Kuta is the biggest place and it is like big city where you can party 24/7 Also when your looking for a board ore Surf gear it the place to be…… Good quality board bags are between 500.000 and 700.000 this bag is than Handmade and made to your wises. And a new surfboard go’s between  3 a  2 million and used wane 1.5 Million rpj. (* Don’t go for the boardbag in the surf shops there shit)

Good boardbag   that I have made was from tailor O’Ros (Popies lane II Gg. Ronta No.17) Also lots of surf shops in this area.  Finding the place just go to the monument an take the  side street at the Billabong Shop.  Monument is next to the Bounty bar

(So first we asked a Indonesian he didend know where it was but ask for the bounty bar and He will tell you were to go. Also than its “near the Monument” )

World cup madness

So the World cup of scooter has started in Africa (*this info is for people living under a rock on the moon)…. And we watch it in Kuta and party later that night !!! 😛

But also supporting :


Denemarken, Zwitserland, Slowakije, Duitsland, Spanje, Engeland, Servië, Italië, NEDERLAND, Portugal, Griekenland, Slovenië en Frankrijk


Zuid-Afrika (gastland), Ghana, Nigeria, Ivoorkust, Kameroen en Algerije


Japan, Noord-Korea en Zuid-Korea


Brazilië, Paraguay, Chili, Argentinië en Uruguay


Verenigde Staten, Mexico en Honduras


Australië, Nieuw-Zeeland

So that we have excuse to party hard !!! 😉

Also Obed’s mom and older brother Enos  visited us at Bali and best thing !!! They had the board game “Kolonisten van Cantan ” !!!!

So Surfing, Eating and Gaming !!!

Also I took my GOPRO watercam with to a nice reef spot…….

Micheal and Obed at the lineup

Nice Wave…….

My new background……………….. Nice

Coming up NEXT !!!

So Monday I will be in Sydney Australia !!! “Heah mate”  For 31 Days in total lucky me. To a new continent to discover and to explore……….. And SURF !!!

A typical day in Bali


So my day starts with a nice breakfast at sukertis beach cafe……. Where I have a pancake with sugar on the side and a fruitsalad also balisch cup of coffee to wakeup than I check my mail and order a nice fruit mix and a bottle of water….  This is all for less than 4 euro………. then I go on with the day going surfing and enjoying Bali.

At the guesthouse were staying there have a new dog this name is zero that means in Japanese white and its is the coolest dog……………..

Also I help making a Kite for the Children at the guesthouse because there were making one and it was to heavy to take flight.  So I redesigned the Kite more to a Power kite also I learn them a bit of avionics and draw a blue print to start from. After this quick lesson we started making the power kite production line 😉

Top team of Kite Engineers

Blue print for the power kite

Also the hole kite was made from old stuff like a plastic bags glued on with heat.

Making the tubes on the big wing

Than we took the kite for a test fight and it works  😛  only the shape is still little bit of but by adjusting the ropes we will get it to be nice power kite that is also to be controlled…… planed for the next day at the beach with more wind…….

Also They have “broodje kroket met mayo” and adore Dutch snack at Ons waroens on Bali !!! like this with a beer is best thing ooit and it’s like the FEBO !!!!! so if your effer on Bali go here to snack !!!

Also the great thing in Bali is that if you want some fruit just go outside go to a banana ore mango tree and pull it off . Like we have at the guesthouse in ore garden …… So for lunch mango, Coconuts ore banana just get a ladder and pull it out of the tree.

Getting me some mango’s for lunch, beat that Alberhein to go

Loving Bali


Back in Paradise

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So I had a good flight form Japan to Bali but I had to wait 1 hour to get to customs……lucky I had a good collection of music on my Iphone……”  538 powermix “ – “ headhunters @ Defqon 2009 “

So First thing that I wanted to do was Surf and get back in the sea but I crusted a sea eagle luckily for this creator I was not hungry….. But I had 5 black needles sticking out of my Foot so I went to a local to ask what to do ?!? So his answer was to use alcohol…….. So I went first to the local market bout a six-pack of Bittang (Balineesch beer) enjoy the beer and cut out the needles and puts some jodium on the holes in my foot and fixed it whit liquid plaster spray…….. a surfer must to have!!!

Then Obed and me went to Kuta to look for a nice suite to be tailored and get ore Klamboo that was also made for Obed room cost about 13 euro was a little bit of Prototyping how it was made…. but luckily we went first to the art gallery  shopping mall ware I found a mobile klamboo for on the go that was about 30 euro and best investment I made here………   Also I now have my own 4Takt 50CC Motorbike/ scooter !!! Hehehehehe

Bike : (max. 87 km/h)

Than we made a trip to Ubud that in the middle of Bali and here is where Obed lived for some time  and took a trip in the Jungle and there lots of Monkeys. Also we stead for the Night and meet some of Obed’s friend … Later that night we want to A movie-night,  movie was about  “happiness”  was interesting the movie-night was to collect money for poor Balinisch children to get a good education.

Loving Bali


(There were no sea eagles killed in this trip; only shown ho is boss 😉 )

Bali fever

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Man down……. I had cast tropic fever and was on bed for two day’s but luckily I had had my medicine for It and Obed nurse me back from the dead……..


With Mayeli and friends we went eating in a Japanese restaurant and then we went clubbing 😀

Heah Lucky me (latino – scandiavian – Spanisch ;))  Rocking it in Blackdog with the locals

So far Im injoying my stay in Bali beter Im loving it !! Surfing relaxing hitting clubs and bars great food and Al the butifull Ladys 😛 …..

But Tomorrow I go to Japan for a new advadjer :p wath is also great after that Im back in Bali 😛 for a nadder 28 day’s to Surf and Rockit :)

Life is good


Living in Bali


Above the place we call home its very nice near the beach and very remote from the city.

Going to the City of Kuta

Kut (a) in very funy  word in Dutch see Google translate but any way. We had to go to the visa office because Obed had to pay for overstaying his visa. Because he forgot to extend it and forgot his passport.

The route to town(but after Obed had paid for new visa there cane built a better route plus highway, hospital and al with street lighting from it 😉 plant in the year 2011 thnx to Obbe Abbo)

At the way to the city very nice beach buggy

The City of Kuta is like tourist place to be;  lots of shops , souvenirs markets and Bars & nightclubs and the typical beachview. At Kuta we meet friends from Perth Australia and had a nice meal. Also the Stuff like T-shirt are nice and cheap like a shirt will cost between 20.000 rpj a 40.000 rpj  (*but being  Dutch “kijken kijken niet kopen” :P)

After having meal we went back to Canggu and we took  part in beach soccer at the beach 😛 this is play all over the beaches. And its good fun to play, and here my skills that I cot from playing Dutch “tienen” when I was young came in handy.

Also the great ting in Bali is that you meet people from all over the world. Like Obed friend Mayeli from Venezuela. Nice lady how lives here and steaks Belgium that’s very funny to hear.

At Dinner at Beachhouse we meet up whit Mayeli and here Swedish girlfriend and also there ware group from Switzerland staining in Ubut at a place runt by Obed’s friend joined use at dinner

The Seafood at Bachhouse was Mad !!! and great Like the redsnaper ore Lobster and Calamari mmmmh and for a great price 😛  I eat and drink till I my tummy was full

Engineer onsite

Also for me it was very interesting  to see how the building are build and how the power grid is made and constructed……….( No wonder there have so match black outs.)

Bamboo scaffolding

I love the bamboo scaffolding

WTF is NEN  The transformer is Over loaded with connections to homes. Because if the Transformer makes sounds it’s not a good sign. Or maybe it’s for letting U know that the power is on….  But better electricity  than non. Also there not match green energy installations like solar power/boilers  ore Wind turbines maybe because of the cheap fuel prices its easier to buy a generator . ???

3 fase voltages hanging dangerous to the right of the route and tree line………

But like the seeing go’s “Hate Hate” relax and take your time

Loving Bali


Here a teaser of my surf sessions in Bali

Bali Surf trailer

(*because of Copy law about the song i used Youtube will not play my movie with sound so click on the Link above)


The spirit of Bali


Walking on the beach next to the coconut and exotic plans we fond this :)

Whoa roadtrip we went to visited  Justine a very nice young lady from Australia how lives in a very nice home near potu.

She makes and design cloves and decorate buildings plus best soya hamburgers  😛 That day was also flit whit some action.

Because were run from the COPS a police man wanted to stop use and give us a fine. But in Bali al the police man are corrupted the money they will keep for them self,  So its better to run from the policeman “Bad Boy Bad Boy what you gonna do when there came for you ?”…………

13 may till 14 the Balinese people  have  holiday it’s like Christmas  the make decorated bamboo sticks to guide their dead relatives to their home. At their home the dress up and spent time with here family .

Pantia family at the geusthouse were we staying

At Obed’s work we had a spiritual Yoga session with music from a Guru from India.  So now i’m Zen and in balance with body and mined……….

Also I went to Echo beach were al the Pro go to surf…… And I know why the waves are beautiful and you can surf the tube…….. But I’m still bit careful because of the riff ( knowing me next week I will surf there like I was born there Hehehe 😛 )  Also I exteriorsed my first monsoon rain and it was like walking through a warm shower….. At the way back from Echo beach to guesthouse the way back was block by a fast running river so I had to put my stuff in a bag and made a stick to walk a gents’ the current Like bear “grills discovery channel” Heah….. The Balinese locales where sitting an clapping went I went over the river……………At the Guesthouse why watched a DVD. Buying a DVD cost about € 0,40 cents 😛 so cheak out Obed’s DVD collection

DVD only 10.000 RPJ special price :)

And Obed Super happy about the Pinabutter and stroopwafels from Holland :)

Plan now is to go to Japan………… next week

Loving Bali