After having best relax flight in wile I first landed in Jakarta. From my window I looked down to the Jakarta shore and there were Million ships waiting to get throw  was like a traffic jam but at sea. See Movie.  At Jakarta we had a stop and after waking around at the Airport of Jakarta we only had 2 hours left to flight to Denpasar, Bali !!!

On arrival I had to wait 1 hours to get throw customs what was a new fast record told a Australia also waiting in line. “Welkom mate to Bali were you don’t  have a clock but all the time of the world”  I was expecting that Obed will meet me at the Airport but instead he send a privet chauffeur  to pick me up and drive me to the resort VIP style………

The way to the Resort I went in to Culture shock it was my first time in Asia and it was like sitting at home watching a Travel programme.

The resort where Obed works

After a good night sleep and god thanks for the ARCO my room because it was very hot for me 27 degree coming from 6 degree and cold wind. Next day Obed showed me his workplace and showed me the resort.

After having good 4 stars breakfast Obed had to go to work and to the Office

Obed’s Office view

Still in shock I spend my first day in the guesthouse and out of the sun. Because I had to get used to the temperature and humidity.  So I made some photo of wildlife around the Guesthouse

Next day I went to the Beach to swim and make some 360 and Panorama views of the beach still keeping out of the sun…….

Beach in panorama 360

Later in the day I went to see how the locals life. The next day I went on Obed’s Scooter to go explore Bali and look for cool stuff to see

At the Guesthouse the locals offered some stuff to there god’s for good luck …

Everywhere you go you find temples in Bali so here is wane of many

After the relaxing day’s and getting resistance to the temperate and sun I went surfing  and it was good ‘HEAH’ so now my daily route is:

getting breakfast go surfing go chilling eating , surfing, chilling watch movie, getting breakfast go surfing go chilling eating , surfing, chilling ect……

Paul from Bali