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I’m loving Tokyo with all its mad and beautiful stuff and people.  This was a trip that I will not forget  Also the Japanese people are so helpful  like from the way to the airport I ask a man with train I had to take and he made sure that I had the good train. Before he got on the metro…………

Tokyo in a nutshell

Getting around

Getting from Airport (Narita)  to your destination buy a railway card plus a 2day pas for the subway this will safe you some money…..  And go to the information office at the airport and get the English metro MAP!!! (*and at the big subway of the subway there are info offices where you can buy more day passes for the Metroline )

“Thete are two Metro company’s the Tokyo Metro line (cheap wan) and the Toei line (expansive)  So at a machine just go for the Tokyo Metro line and not the Toei line”

Getting a round is easy whit the English metro Map and Lonely planned with city map of Tokyo and your fine (* plus download offmap on your Iphone/Ipad and your will not get lost “by taking a shortcut when your dronk 😉 ”)


from Airport to a Subway system of Tokyo about  Yen 1000 (€10,00) for a railway ticket (don’t go for the JR line this is the expansive one )

(*also getting money whit a pinpas /ATM card works at the post offices but I had bad luck that some do use a old system,  but go to big one and your be fine to get some money MAX Yen 10.000)


A two day pas will set you back yen 900 And a day pas bout at a metro station yen 730 without the Toei line (* You will not needed to get around on this system)


A had a cheap hostel where I paid  2200 a night  for a 7 bedroom but me and Mark where the only one there so we had super big room just for  the two of use 😛 (*but is was remote from the centre of town)

Eating and drinks

If you like noodles and sushi your fine here its ferry cheap and if you buy at in the supermarket it will cost you 300 Yen But also the Japanese like there France bakeries and there is a good one and cheap at Akihabaria station next to the subway………..  And also you will find at every street corner a drinking machine like a coca cola  bottle will cost about 120 to 150 Yen

100 Yen  is about less than 1€

My top five peace to see in Tokyo where

1.      Akihabaria

With its biggest please for anime and magna shops and bars next to the largest electronics stores in the world.  And having a Bachelor in Robotics it is on my number one of course……. And The hostel was close by so I went three time to Akihabaria. The  Stores that I like ware the Vstone and Robot Kingdom but also the anime action figures  where great to see…. That with all the sounds and lights lets you go in a trance (*it’s a shame that they don’t sell weed there 😉 )

See Movie for more stuff and funny people

2.      Park near Akihabaria

Next to Akihabaria is you have nice park with a monastery and lots of history this after a day of Akihabaria is what the doctor orders.

3.      Shibuya Crossing

Nice to go to and see the big city and all the people there and there are nice expansive shops and trendy and hip cafes…

4.      Shibuya Park

This park is beautiful but will set you back 200 Yen  but money well spent if you ask me…..

5.      Tokyo  / Imperial palace

Go to Tokyo and after 10 min walk you’re will find the Imperial palace but it was sadly not possible to go inside….. But still nice from the outside and you can see the Tokyo tower this nice for one time…..

Also nice places where you can go is somo museum (ore fight), a Baseball match, Annime cafe, Karioke bare  And when you have the time go inland to Kyoto  ore to fuij  and go snowboarding ore surfing on the beach…………..

Sadly I have to leaf Japan but I’m going back to Bali and then to Australia Lucky me………………………..

But I’m will be going back to Japan “Because it was assume !!!”

So where do I start the trip in Japan so far was like a rollercoaster ride the things I experienced and seen are amazing and mad. It’s like going for the first time to new city and land !!! And the people are so helpful and friendly…….

Here some photo form Tokio

City skyline

Shibuya Crossing (* this is 5 way crossing )

Then we went to the nice Shinjuku park cost about 200 yen (€ 1,80) money well spend

Japanese people

Traditional                                                                                      New Generation

More after break !!! 😛   Tea time 😉

Random Photo’s

Photo’s from ore trip in akihabara Robot store

Robot Humanoid for under € 70,-  ore a DIY Robot (* last day I going for the Humanoid Robot 😛 Because it will SO COOL to own A  ROBOT From JAPAN !!! :) )

Plan is to go out tonight to a karaoke bar :)  and tomorrow buy a ROBOT !!!

Loving Japan

Big in Japan

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So I’m going to Japan and its feels like a imported exam ware you just have the feeling that you learnt not for it at all……………………………… (do I have good map and what if I don’t find a hostel ext.) Also Obed is now sick of the Tropic fever that I had the day I left so that is also not helping…. But luckily Japan Airlines is a good way to flight because the serve Sushi !!!

First day I landed in Tokio Japan and find my way to the Smile Hostel ware I will be staying . The Subway is luckily made by a Engineer ore programmer because it all makes sense. From the Airport I take the train to Ueno subway because it cheap way to travel from the airport to town .

Out of place

So I was sitting in the train to Ueno subway station and did not expect to see this !!!

So this a Dutch Windmolen whit Dutch flag and al between the rice fields in the middle of Japan…… But any way I want to the WAHALLA of Electronics and annime en stuff Akihabara and it was MAD SUPER and I was like a child in a big toystore (* See the Movie )

Next day I went  to the Imperial Palace and to temple with Mark that i meet at the Hostel

At the Imperial Palace

The monastery with a monk in side we looked around (sadly is was not allowed to make photograph inside the temple so we respected that )

For good luck

This is how they make sushi

& & &

———————————————————————————————————————————– =

Tokio Tower

This is like Eiffel tower in France but than in Japan (but I like also the roof cranes on the Left  )

Super Enjoy Tokio Japan !!!!


ポール ( P