So after leaving Bali I booked a Flight back Home but I had nice Day in Singapore for my transfer. In Singapore It was HOT and sweaty but nice to see the business side of indonesisch but the fines are high !!!

Nice Building on top you have beach

Also Fly

Lucky me

Also Because I went by Garuda indonesia to Singapore I didn’t had to pay for my surfboard bag. (* the flight was by KLM) But if you have a boardbag KLM will let you pay between 100 a 300 Euro only for the surfboard so my luck was that my Backpack was sent to Amsterdam.  But my boardbag was still on the Belt so I went to the Offices and made some noise why my Surfbag was still on the belt and not on its way to Amsterdam. HEHEHEHE So they labelled my boardbag  and sent it to Amsterdam for Free…. So after having nice time in Singapore I wanted to go to the boarding gate but I had to go first to a KLM Office and I was thinking ”Fuck they will let me pay for the boardbag”  but It was for a stamp on my ticked because I was in Singapore. But thane I had to pay for a extra bages because I went only whit one bag the Backpack and now I had Two items 😛 but this will cost me 20 Euro for the second bag so I was like oke no problems…… Because I was already wanted to Pay the 100 a 300 Euro for the Boardbag so I put lots of stuff in it like Helm, shirts, kites ,wooden masks I was like if I had to pay I will do it so…. But 20 euro for 40kg extra is cheap 😛

And back in Amsterdam