So I’m going to Japan and its feels like a imported exam ware you just have the feeling that you learnt not for it at all……………………………… (do I have good map and what if I don’t find a hostel ext.) Also Obed is now sick of the Tropic fever that I had the day I left so that is also not helping…. But luckily Japan Airlines is a good way to flight because the serve Sushi !!!

First day I landed in Tokio Japan and find my way to the Smile Hostel ware I will be staying . The Subway is luckily made by a Engineer ore programmer because it all makes sense. From the Airport I take the train to Ueno subway because it cheap way to travel from the airport to town .

Out of place

So I was sitting in the train to Ueno subway station and did not expect to see this !!!

So this a Dutch Windmolen whit Dutch flag and al between the rice fields in the middle of Japan…… But any way I want to the WAHALLA of Electronics and annime en stuff Akihabara and it was MAD SUPER and I was like a child in a big toystore (* See the Movie )

Next day I went  to the Imperial Palace and to temple with Mark that i meet at the Hostel

At the Imperial Palace

The monastery with a monk in side we looked around (sadly is was not allowed to make photograph inside the temple so we respected that )

For good luck

This is how they make sushi

& & &

———————————————————————————————————————————– =

Tokio Tower

This is like Eiffel tower in France but than in Japan (but I like also the roof cranes on the Left  )

Super Enjoy Tokio Japan !!!!


ポール ( P