So I had a good flight form Japan to Bali but I had to wait 1 hour to get to customs……lucky I had a good collection of music on my Iphone……”  538 powermix “ – “ headhunters @ Defqon 2009 “

So First thing that I wanted to do was Surf and get back in the sea but I crusted a sea eagle luckily for this creator I was not hungry….. But I had 5 black needles sticking out of my Foot so I went to a local to ask what to do ?!? So his answer was to use alcohol…….. So I went first to the local market bout a six-pack of Bittang (Balineesch beer) enjoy the beer and cut out the needles and puts some jodium on the holes in my foot and fixed it whit liquid plaster spray…….. a surfer must to have!!!

Then Obed and me went to Kuta to look for a nice suite to be tailored and get ore Klamboo that was also made for Obed room cost about 13 euro was a little bit of Prototyping how it was made…. but luckily we went first to the art gallery  shopping mall ware I found a mobile klamboo for on the go that was about 30 euro and best investment I made here………   Also I now have my own 4Takt 50CC Motorbike/ scooter !!! Hehehehehe

Bike : (max. 87 km/h)

Than we made a trip to Ubud that in the middle of Bali and here is where Obed lived for some time  and took a trip in the Jungle and there lots of Monkeys. Also we stead for the Night and meet some of Obed’s friend … Later that night we want to A movie-night,  movie was about  “happiness”  was interesting the movie-night was to collect money for poor Balinisch children to get a good education.

Loving Bali


(There were no sea eagles killed in this trip; only shown ho is boss 😉 )