So my day starts with a nice breakfast at sukertis beach cafe……. Where I have a pancake with sugar on the side and a fruitsalad also balisch cup of coffee to wakeup than I check my mail and order a nice fruit mix and a bottle of water….  This is all for less than 4 euro………. then I go on with the day going surfing and enjoying Bali.

At the guesthouse were staying there have a new dog this name is zero that means in Japanese white and its is the coolest dog……………..

Also I help making a Kite for the Children at the guesthouse because there were making one and it was to heavy to take flight.  So I redesigned the Kite more to a Power kite also I learn them a bit of avionics and draw a blue print to start from. After this quick lesson we started making the power kite production line 😉

Top team of Kite Engineers

Blue print for the power kite

Also the hole kite was made from old stuff like a plastic bags glued on with heat.

Making the tubes on the big wing

Than we took the kite for a test fight and it works  😛  only the shape is still little bit of but by adjusting the ropes we will get it to be nice power kite that is also to be controlled…… planed for the next day at the beach with more wind…….

Also They have “broodje kroket met mayo” and adore Dutch snack at Ons waroens on Bali !!! like this with a beer is best thing ooit and it’s like the FEBO !!!!! so if your effer on Bali go here to snack !!!

Also the great thing in Bali is that if you want some fruit just go outside go to a banana ore mango tree and pull it off . Like we have at the guesthouse in ore garden …… So for lunch mango, Coconuts ore banana just get a ladder and pull it out of the tree.

Getting me some mango’s for lunch, beat that Alberhein to go

Loving Bali