So getting to know Bali little more but I’m still get lost when driving on the scooter to Ubud ore at night……  And the traffic between 3 and 5 is killing around Kuta and the drive style here is like a river “go whit the flow”.

Nice pleases to go are:

Seminyak to go salsa dancing ore “Blackdog” nightclub also the Japanese restaurant is very good And I know because I was  eating it in japan also…………….

Kuta is the biggest place and it is like big city where you can party 24/7 Also when your looking for a board ore Surf gear it the place to be…… Good quality board bags are between 500.000 and 700.000 this bag is than Handmade and made to your wises. And a new surfboard go’s between  3 a  2 million and used wane 1.5 Million rpj. (* Don’t go for the boardbag in the surf shops there shit)

Good boardbag   that I have made was from tailor O’Ros (Popies lane II Gg. Ronta No.17) Also lots of surf shops in this area.  Finding the place just go to the monument an take the  side street at the Billabong Shop.  Monument is next to the Bounty bar

(So first we asked a Indonesian he didend know where it was but ask for the bounty bar and He will tell you were to go. Also than its “near the Monument” )

World cup madness

So the World cup of scooter has started in Africa (*this info is for people living under a rock on the moon)…. And we watch it in Kuta and party later that night !!! 😛

But also supporting :


Denemarken, Zwitserland, Slowakije, Duitsland, Spanje, Engeland, Servië, Italië, NEDERLAND, Portugal, Griekenland, Slovenië en Frankrijk


Zuid-Afrika (gastland), Ghana, Nigeria, Ivoorkust, Kameroen en Algerije


Japan, Noord-Korea en Zuid-Korea


Brazilië, Paraguay, Chili, Argentinië en Uruguay


Verenigde Staten, Mexico en Honduras


Australië, Nieuw-Zeeland

So that we have excuse to party hard !!! 😉

Also Obed’s mom and older brother Enos  visited us at Bali and best thing !!! They had the board game “Kolonisten van Cantan ” !!!!

So Surfing, Eating and Gaming !!!

Also I took my GOPRO watercam with to a nice reef spot…….

Micheal and Obed at the lineup

Nice Wave…….

My new background……………….. Nice

Coming up NEXT !!!

So Monday I will be in Sydney Australia !!! “Heah mate”  For 31 Days in total lucky me. To a new continent to discover and to explore……….. And SURF !!!