So I had still two days left on Bali and I wanted to see the peninsula So I went to Temple whit monkeys and to the world notorious Surf spot Uluwatu.

Todo list:

  • Surf Uluwatu                                           [Check]
  • See the Temple                                      [Check]
  • Ride Tube                                                [Check]
  • Never surf on Uluwatu again          [Check]

So the Monkeys ware lot of fun only they will take your stuff if I not carful like I had a camera bag and the pull on it…… so I had a pulling contest between me and a monkey …. results 0-1 for big gorilla.

So the surf spot uluwatu  is a clif ware you exit the water by going down in to a cave and than peddle out to sea en the waves…….

So I put on my water camera on my nose of my board and was like stocked to go……..

but getting to the waves was very hard work so after 3hours I was at the “line-up” and went for it !!!  So surfing now big wave and going like speed of sound I waited to long to get off and I was in the Tube of the wave posing  to the camera on my board. Than realising that I surfed to far to go back to the cave. And the wave closed out on me and broke my board + camera also I was dangers close to the cliffs and I had to peddle and duck dive for my live.  Luckily I was in a current that was going to a beach nearby ware I first saw a sea turtle swimming under my board and later one that was sunning on the beach…….. So I was saved but I had to walk back to the cliffs and to my scooter……..

Later that evening  I went to friends house for a jam and we went out to Sky garden were we ware VIP 😛 so lots of free drinks…..!!!

The day before my flight to Australia

I went to a Sport bar to see Nederland – Japan  in the Sports bar I meet old surf buddy’s form a surf-camp in Frans 2003  (*were Obed had the nickname ODEL 😉 )And we WON from JAPAN !!! 1-0