So today I landed in Sydney and its now winter time but still 18 degrees so for me it’s warm….. And nice Coming from Bali 32 degrees.  Also nice is that Garuda Airlines will charge you noting !!! for a board bag under 15KG……. !!! (* And if you work for KLM airlines -> follow this Good example)

Because you can save money by going whit Yet-star but they will charge ore($200) in some case reject the board bag and that sucks……..

Also I did end plan for my trip in Sydney I just went to central and found by change a hostel that I had Google before I went to Bali…. Its YHA near Central and its Super. Because the girl at the reception also gave me a discount because the 8 persons room was full. And I pay now $36 a night for a 4 person room………. And also the Euro is little bit higher now  €1,42 = $1 and its was 1.20 :S so I’m hoping on a return to €2 = $1

So finding in record speed a place to sleep I took a little powernap and went in to town to see the Opera house……..

Seen Sydney Opera House [Check]

Also played with the setup of my camera

Photo by: Paul Mooij – Ghost of the Opera House 😉

By Paul Mooij – HD photo 9000x 2000  😛 Click to enlarge full Photo

So next Plan of atac is to go to Bondi beach because this is the place for surfers ore so I’m been told by Ossy’s in Bali.

Now relaxing in my nice HOSTEL with   sauna, swimming pool and BBQ grill and SUPER FAST INTERNET so now i am downloading all the Defqon 2010 live sets !!! 😀