“Look it’s amazing!!!”  the famous works of the Ozzie Steve Irwin (RIP mate). And it was because I saw my first pair of Wild “Humpback Whales”  Also surfing on Bondi bay where I love to surf because of the easy break and nice beach facilities like a lockers and a showers.

Also I am now using Skype more and more I love the idea of the connection and live streaming of camera and sound around the world is super!!!.  And its free also because of the free internet spots of Macdonald’s “I’m loving it ” because Mac. Made it now possible to have free internet access around the world and in affray town ore city there is a Macdonald’s.

Talking to my sister in Almere and enjoying the view

(Skype account: psmooij – Amsterdam ) ore sent me a mail

Setting Up shop also I opened a bank account to get a visa deposited to rent a camper but still waiting on the card to get here………….  Also I applied  for a Tax number and sent out my CV to couple of big companies to see if it’s possible to get work offer here.   Planning is to go in April back to work for a couple of years in Sydney. So fingers crossed and hope that they like my skills.

Fucking mental this time I and couple of friends went on the  OZ party bus and its was lots of Fun !!!  see the Photo’s and wait for the movie !!!

2-1 The Netherlands Vs Brazil

Still having the Hangover from the OZ party bus 😀