So Last couple of day’s I am in Sanur this is the tourist side of Bali.  Also because of the position there no surf breaks. But it’s ideal for wakeboarding, scuba diving & Parasailing lots of big Hotels because of the nice sandy beaches for sun beaters. But this not the reason why I am staying there the wind on Bali pick up like 3a 4 bft and its messing up my Waves at Echo beach. It still nice to surf but not nice line.  So I found out that they rent WINDSURF Gear !!! Surfing al the day now and showing how you windsurf. Also  took some lessons how to Kite board there Are 3 levels  by the IKO standard and I have one lesson left (turning tow side and jumping)  But it’s like windsurfing and snow/waveboarding techniques so I learn it very easy.

So fingers crossed and hope for some wind

gearing Up

Riding and cruising the Ocean

After I have Level 3 I can go kite surfing on my own and rent my equipment al around the world

This tick I named “the Dutch water Bom”  😉

Also tanks to Kathrin for taking the Pictures………..

Because of the wind there is also lots of rain in the night so the hole streets between Kuta and Sanur were flooded. Also a balineesche had to take his surfboard and peddle out his home to go to work….

Latter same car was stack in the water…..

So my plan is after having the IKO certificate to go kite surfing I will go back to Canggu near Echo beach to surf last days  and enjoy  food and people maybe go to the big volcano but I don’t know.  Than I am of to Singapore for a Day and then Back to Amsterdam at  6 -8-2010 between 7 a 8 am hours I will Land  !!! recover for tow week in HQ than to LOWLANDS !!!(*Biggest festival in the Netherlands)  than Surf trip to France and Spain in the planning Stocked !!!