After bashing #klm because we had to pay 55 euro for overweight or take 2.3 extra kg out of the bag and we were two people just with one bag so WTF I was thinking that I had a klm ticked not a easyjet… So little bit grampy and with my bag of underwear (2,3 kg) as handbags we relaxed at Starbucks to work little bit for my work.

So we arrived about 2:00 in the night at Julia’s parents please and wanted to open the door but it was broken so we called her parents to there country house and after OKE from Julia’s dad to break in I tried to kick the door “Hollywood style” but it didn’t work but felt good… So after looking around Julia found a metal bar and I forced the door open “Nice this Russian hospitality” Still being little bit of Jet-lagged we went to the Red square where I liked the buildings… Also I liked it because of a Game that I played Command and Conquer “Red Alert” it’s a strategy game about Russians and Americans