Walking on the beach next to the coconut and exotic plans we fond this :)

Whoa roadtrip we went to visited  Justine a very nice young lady from Australia how lives in a very nice home near potu.

She makes and design cloves and decorate buildings plus best soya hamburgers  😛 That day was also flit whit some action.

Because were run from the COPS a police man wanted to stop use and give us a fine. But in Bali al the police man are corrupted the money they will keep for them self,  So its better to run from the policeman “Bad Boy Bad Boy what you gonna do when there came for you ?”…………

13 may till 14 the Balinese people  have  holiday it’s like Christmas  the make decorated bamboo sticks to guide their dead relatives to their home. At their home the dress up and spent time with here family .

Pantia family at the geusthouse were we staying

At Obed’s work we had a spiritual Yoga session with music from a Guru from India.  So now i’m Zen and in balance with body and mined……….

Also I went to Echo beach were al the Pro go to surf…… And I know why the waves are beautiful and you can surf the tube…….. But I’m still bit careful because of the riff ( knowing me next week I will surf there like I was born there Hehehe 😛 )  Also I exteriorsed my first monsoon rain and it was like walking through a warm shower….. At the way back from Echo beach to guesthouse the way back was block by a fast running river so I had to put my stuff in a bag and made a stick to walk a gents’ the current Like bear “grills discovery channel” Heah….. The Balinese locales where sitting an clapping went I went over the river……………At the Guesthouse why watched a DVD. Buying a DVD cost about € 0,40 cents 😛 so cheak out Obed’s DVD collection

DVD only 10.000 RPJ special price :)

And Obed Super happy about the Pinabutter and stroopwafels from Holland :)

Plan now is to go to Japan………… next week

Loving Bali