Above the place we call home its very nice near the beach and very remote from the city.

Going to the City of Kuta

Kut (a) in very funy  word in Dutch see Google translate but any way. We had to go to the visa office because Obed had to pay for overstaying his visa. Because he forgot to extend it and forgot his passport.

The route to town(but after Obed had paid for new visa there cane built a better route plus highway, hospital and al with street lighting from it 😉 plant in the year 2011 thnx to Obbe Abbo)

At the way to the city very nice beach buggy

The City of Kuta is like tourist place to be;  lots of shops , souvenirs markets and Bars & nightclubs and the typical beachview. At Kuta we meet friends from Perth Australia and had a nice meal. Also the Stuff like T-shirt are nice and cheap like a shirt will cost between 20.000 rpj a 40.000 rpj  (*but being  Dutch “kijken kijken niet kopen” :P)

After having meal we went back to Canggu and we took  part in beach soccer at the beach 😛 this is play all over the beaches. And its good fun to play, and here my skills that I cot from playing Dutch “tienen” when I was young came in handy.

Also the great ting in Bali is that you meet people from all over the world. Like Obed friend Mayeli from Venezuela. Nice lady how lives here and steaks Belgium that’s very funny to hear.

At Dinner at Beachhouse we meet up whit Mayeli and here Swedish girlfriend and also there ware group from Switzerland staining in Ubut at a place runt by Obed’s friend joined use at dinner

The Seafood at Bachhouse was Mad !!! and great Like the redsnaper ore Lobster and Calamari mmmmh and for a great price 😛  I eat and drink till I my tummy was full

Engineer onsite

Also for me it was very interesting  to see how the building are build and how the power grid is made and constructed……….( No wonder there have so match black outs.)

Bamboo scaffolding

I love the bamboo scaffolding

WTF is NEN  The transformer is Over loaded with connections to homes. Because if the Transformer makes sounds it’s not a good sign. Or maybe it’s for letting U know that the power is on….  But better electricity  than non. Also there not match green energy installations like solar power/boilers  ore Wind turbines maybe because of the cheap fuel prices its easier to buy a generator . ???

3 fase voltages hanging dangerous to the right of the route and tree line………

But like the seeing go’s “Hate Hate” relax and take your time

Loving Bali